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      Brian Nugent wins PEO unemployment case of first impression

                              in the Colorado Supreme Court

On February 27, 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court upheld an appeals court decision that the Colorado Division of Employment and Training could not combine unemployment insurance accounts for five commonly-owned PEO entities.  Read the decision here.



The Nugent Law Firm provides full-service representation to businesses and management, including all aspects of general corporate, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, state and federal regulatory compliance and defense, HR outsourcing (HRO), SUTA dumping, employment law, and litigation. The firm also specializes in providing advice to professional employer organizations, temporary staffing companies, and human resources outsourcing companies across the country.

The firm currently serves as outside general counsel to a professional employer organization (PEO) and a temporary staffing company. 

The firm also has extensive experience in addressing and resolving disputes among companies, employers and employees.  Mr. Nugent’s expertise at finding acceptable resolutions to conflicts without diverting the attention of management and spending large sums of money on litigation makes our firm an excellent choice to provide credible and effective neutral mediation of all types of business and employment disputes.

If you need an attorney for business or employment issues, please call us.



News Headlines

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Help at Home, Inc. to Pay $302,500 to Settle EEOC Lawsuit ...more>>>

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Voss Lighting to pay $82,500 for religious discrimination lawsuit ...more>>>

EEOC settles with Colorado Potato Warehouse for $255,000 ...more>>>

US Labor Department recovers $3 million in back wages for New Jersey gas station attendants ...more>>>

Migraine headaches brought on by work situation was not considered a disability under the ADA ...more>>>

Types of discrimination, as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ...more>>>

For not protecting female employees from sexual harassment by a customer, a Florida restaurant settled with the EEOC for $200,000 ...more>>>

A District Court ruled that a PEO arrangement did not qualify a small employer to fall under the guidelines of FMLA ...more>>>

A trucking company paid $190,000 in back wages to a trucker fired for refusing to violate DOT regulations for allowable driving and rest hours ...more>>>

Because of a well-written employee handbook, an employer was able to defend termination for use of company computers for personal use ...more>>>

A Michigan court rules that for determining FMLA compliance purposes, a PEO facility is the employee's worksite ...more>>>

An unclear FMLA leave year nullified the discharge of an employee not returning to work ...more>>>

Pepsi has settled for $3 million in an EEOC dispute over criminal background checks that were shown to be discriminatory against African Americans...more>>>

Twelve states have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the US Dept of Labor to reduce misclassifications of employees...more>>>

A cleaning company paid $450,000 to settle a race discrimination/retaliation suit after management told a supervisor not to hire any more blacks, then fired her when she didn't comply ....more>>>

A California retailer settled with the EEOC for $50k after firing an employee who had a mild seizure at work ...more>>>



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